Storytelling At It's Finest.

Our Video Portfolio.

The majority of us love watching movies, yet at times many of us get sick of commercials which is why we strive to create videos that feel like mini-movies. We shoot every video in a cinematic manner and make sure our videos are fast-paced and original. We can create videos to match your style and brand, but we're always going to bring that Mirrorless touch.

Now you're probably wondering what kinds of videos we create at Mirrorless. Well, that list is pretty long: from Brand Videos to Company 'About Us' Videos to Employee Testimonial Videos, and Training Videos. Then there's Product or Service Videos and Event Recap Videos or even Virtual Event Videos (thank Covid for that one). We create them all. We've even made PSA Videos for TV.

We've been blessed to tell stories and make videos for a diverse group of businesses, brands, musicians, and athletes. Without you, we wouldn't have stories to tell. Thank you for allowing a couple of creatives to chase their dreams, and do what they love for "work". We host all of our recent client videos on our Vimeo page, and some of our favorite videos are shown below.

We tell stories through stills, too.

Our Photography Work.

We're filmmakers first and foremost, but we do often get hired to shoot images for brands, couples, seniors, and businesses in need of creative headshots. Plus, even when we're not getting paid to capture photos, we're doing it for the love of it. Here's some of our favorite photos from over the years.